David Soliman - CEO

Key Points about our dealership....

~Serving Customers since 1999

~Awarded "Quality Dealer of the Year"

~BBB Member

~Over 200+ Vehicles in Stock

~Multi-Point Inspections

~"AutoCheck" vehicle history reports on every vehicle

~Report to Credit Bureaus

~Friends & Family Referral Program

Mission Statement

Dedicated to operate with strong honesty and high level of integrity, committed to provide the best opportunities that available in the market for our customers and associates, Life time customers relationships is what we do best every day.

Company Values:

Honesty – We will authentically express my feelings, needs, thoughts, and ideas to others – no matter how difficult. We know this requires courage and risk taking and a belief that honestly is the only way for our staff to truly be a TEAM.

Energy – We play to win – going as hard as we can with all that we can.

Accountability – We ACCEPT responsibility for our actions and the tasks we perform each day. WE NEVER blame another for a mishap – but instead seek to understand the situation. We are open to feedback on our mishaps and humbly acknowledging our errors.

Respect – We truly value our customers as well as our fellow TEAM member’s feelings and opinions – even when they are different from ours. We work really hard on not pre-judging another TEAM member’s new or different ideas. I lavish sincere and authentic praise on my TEAM members so that they know I appreciate them.

Trust – I’m confident of the capabilities of my TEAM – therefore I ask them to help me with my work when needed and know they will do the best job they can. I believe that we share the same intention of wanting each other to reach our highest potential.

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